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Developmental Editing, Copyediting, & Proofreading for Romance, YA, and Sci-Fi

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"How do I prepare my book to publish?”

Prepare your content for publishing with expert editing and proofreading. Get a sample page in just 24 hours.


"Why is no one reading my blog posts?"

Attract subscribers with expertly written blog posts on marketing, technology, and
e-commerce topics.


"I’m ready to tell my story & write my book"

Get your story told and publish your first book. Ghostwriting services tackle creative story lines and your publisher ready.

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Hey dreamer, I'm Olivia Derby

 I’m a digital marketer turned author, and ghostwriter. I help creative businesses and individuals create ultra high quality content that moves and inspires readers. Whether you’re launching your first ebook, need a powerhouse author to support your marketing blog or e-commerce project, or are ready to get your story published, I work with creatives all over the world to get that content finished.