Are Facebook Ads Worth The Investment?

Are Facebook Ads Worth The Investment?

Discover what Facebook Ads can do for your business. Step up your sales game and start driving traffic, right now.

The countdown to 2017 has begun, and with just hours left before we all get a fresh start I thought I would consolidate one of my favorite traffic driving strategies into a quick tutorial. This approach is near and dear to my heart because it’s quick, it’s cheap, and it works. Simple as that.

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You’re Handling Customer Service All Wrong (Here is how to fix it)

You're handling customer service all wrong

Stellar customer service is the difference between keeping clients over the long haul and losing them at the first bump in the road. Use these strategies to keep your customers happy, encourage referrals, and build a business on solid relationships.

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4 Tips For A Crazy High Converting Landing Page

4 tips that will have your landing page converting in no time

I think I’ve gotten a hundred emails in the last 2 days asking me for tips and advice on “making my landing page convert”.

It’s a good question. I mean, 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to collect new leads that eventually convert. (source).

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Your Target Market Vs. Your Target Audience

The Difference Between Your Target Market and Your Target Audience

As a blogger, the very first thing that we crave is an audience. We want people to visit our blogs, and engage in the content that we worked so hard on, right? After blogging for a while, you think to yourself, “It’s about time I start making money. I’m ready to go full-time.” Well, before you can grow your audience, you need to know who exactly those people are. Before you go selling anything, you need to know who exactly you’re selling to.

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The Number 1 Trait of All Successful Bloggers

The Number 1 Trait of Successful Bloggers

This post might be incorrectly named. The number 1 trait of all successful bloggers, of all professionals, hell, of all people, could be more accurate.

The single thing that all successful people have in common is a continuous, fiery need to learn something new every single day.

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How Much To Charge for Ad Space on Your Blog

How much to charge for ad space on your blog

Find out how much to charge for ad space on your blog. Spoiler alert: there is a mathematical foundation behind it that even the most skeptical marketers can get behind.

Pricing is an art and a science that brands devote countless resources to, and are constantly re-evaluating their conclusions. There are entire departments dedicated just to the psychology behind shopper’s reactions to prices.

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Double Your Traffic with StumblUpon in 15 Minutes A Day

Double your traffic with StumblUpon in 15 Minutes a Day

Got 15 mins? I’m going to teach you everything you need to know to start using StumblUpon to drive massive traffic to your blog with the easiest to manage social network on the web.

There are literally hundreds of different social networks out there, each with their own crazy little hangups. All of them are great (in their own “special“ way…*ahem* I’m looking at you Fb) for driving traffic to your website, and all of them require, let’s face it, a shit ton of work.

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What Goes Into An Epic Blog Post?

What makes an awesome, shareable post that gets comments and ultimately drives sales for your business? I’m going to show you exactly how to write the perfect blog post and how to get your readers coming back for every piece of gold on your site.

Obviously, as a blogger your content is the core of your business. Even if you’re not exclusively a blogger, maybe you offer a service or a product that you use your blog to drive traffic to, content is the driving force behind your success with social media.

The simple fact is, longer, content rich, well designed, and actionable posts have a better impact on your business than any other kind of post.

It might seem a little counter intuitive that more robust content is favored online. Isn’t the web all about the TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) version of stuff? That’s why Twitter exists, right?

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8 Non-Spammy Ways To Build Your Email List

8 Non-Spammy Ways To Build Your Email List

If you’re looking to build your email list fast, here are 8 easy to create ideas that will get your readers subscribing in no time.

While I was in NYC, I worked with a huge variety of clients. Everything from major consumer brands sold around the world, to banks and financial institutions, to brand spanking new nonprofits who hadn’t even been approved to collect donations yet.

Email lists were a big part of almost all of their campaigns, but for new companies and budding nonprofits, the list was the absolute, undisputed, 100% focus for our team.

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How Many Blog Posts Should You Launch With?

How many blog posts should you launch with?

Starting something new is major fun. Once you make the decision to go after that shiny new dream you’re filled with all of this hope and motivation, and in your head you’ve got these big plans and the path to success seems super clear. Find out exactly how many blog posts you need to launch your brand new site.

“I am finally going to start this blog. I’m going to start this blog, and I’m going to use it to sell my products/services/ideas/purple penguin seat cushions/whatever and I’m gonna network all over the place, and get a bunch of traffic and I’m going to be freaking rich.”

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