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Your Signature Ebook

Starting at $0.35 per word

Ebooks are a fast and efficient way to supercharge your sales process.
A high quality ebook will address a key pain point your potential customers are experiencing right now and alerts you to those customers whom are ready to address that issue with your expertise.



Ebooks are especially valuable in the marketing and e-commerce niche. If your goal is to attract high value clients for your service or product based business, establishing trust and proving your value is the first major hurdle of your sales cycle. Offering a free educational resource which provides readers with actionable steps towards achieving their goals serves to overcome both of those hurdles in a single, consolidated effort. 

Offering an highly targeted ebook on your website is one of the easiest things you can do to collect qualified leads and build your email list. 

Launch your signature ebook, fast with:

  • A completed content draft

  • 2 rounds of substantial edits

  • Professionally designed graphs and illustrations

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Producing an ebook is an excellent way to prove your expertise to potential clients and customers, but actually writing it can be time consuming and frustrating. If you’re not naturally in the business of churning out content Ghostwriters are your secret weapon.

Working with a skilled ghostwriter can make developing a content rich ebook quick and painless. 

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The process begins with a simple interview helping you to distill the theme and purpose of your signature ebook. 

Publishers (that’s you!) can choose to offer up an outline for the book, or one can be composed for you. 

The outline of your content comes together through a combination of over 13 years of experience in the field of marketing and e-commerce and a research methodology designed specifically for sales driving content. 

The content comes together quickly and efficiently. Your data gets “storified” in a compelling, editorial text which emphasizes call to actions and further connection with your brand through social media and your key sales funnels 

After 2 rounds of content edits, all projects are proof read and delivered publish ready. 

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Launch Your Signature Ebook Fast

Ghostwritten ebooks belong 100% to you and the projects come together quickly and professionally. 

Projects of roughly 50 pages (12,000 words) can often be completed in less than 10 days.

Stop waiting and starting connecting with clients who know what you do, recognize you as the best there is, and are ready to buy. Just click “Let’s Start Writing”.

She is brilliant, her communication skills are excellent, and she is fantastic to work with. I can warmly recommend her.
— Nina T., Digital Media Expert and Owned Media Consultant
I love her passion for what she does... Even though we are continents apart it didn’t make any difference. I am excited to work with her on future projects.
— Naz Kahdem, CEO Shimmering Willion