This blog has been in the works for a very very long time. After years of working with clients and managing literally hundreds of social media and design campaigns, I knew that, eventually, I wanted to take everything I had learned and use it in a different way.

After having my son I had a whole different perspective on the term “entrepreneur”. I was suddenly thrust into a world of women balancing work, family, and the constant pressure to be “successful” by my own standards.

It’s not really something anyone had confronted me with before.

Very soon after my son arrived, I began meeting other women who wanted more out of their lives than just one identity as a mom, and wanted more out of their jobs than the rigid 9 to 5 confines set by bosses and companies and passionless projects.

Every woman I have met and spoken with in the last 5 years has a dream. Some thing they want to do, or wish they could do, or will do “someday”. And I learned fast that moms make amazing entrepreneurs.

Any person who can get up after a sleepless night, wipe the spit up off her shoulder, and feed a baby while taking phone calls and closing the door on a load of laundry has the capacity to run a business. And do it well.

This blog was created for all of those women.

When I was working on a brand for OliviaDerby.com I needed a brand that was strong and bold but still feminine. The brand needed to be supportive of these women that I wanted to help and expressive of my own personality.

I spent days working through my target market profile, understanding the place strong, female entrepreneurs are in when they decide to throw caution to the wind and pursue their dreams.

OliviaDerby.com was built for women, designed to provide all the resources and advice they need to get started on their path to independence and support those women in all their successes.