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Blog Posts & Articles

Starting at $200 per article

Marketing and e-commerce blogs thrive on insider content and compelling tutorials. Engage readers and collect leads with actionable content by an author featured on high-visibility sources like the Trello blog and Huffington Post.



Consistency in blogging is key. It’s also one of the biggest hurdles for content marketers and small businesses. Place your order. Set a deadline. Get your content on time. 



Not all blog posts are created equally. I’ve spent 13+ years working in digital marketing for some of the most influential brands in the world. My specialty is creating high value, actionable blog posts and articles on:

  • Digital Marketing 

  • Social Media Marketing and Trends

  • Sales Funnel Optimization

  • SEO

  • Digital PR

  • Blogging

  • E-commerce

  • Time Management 

  • Marketing Tools and Resources 

  • B2C products and services 

  • Branding



Did you know that web sites which maintain an “active blog generate 67% more leads and 434% more indexed pages” than websites that don’t (Digital GYD https://www.digitalgyd.com/seo-statistics/)? Search engine optimization remains one of the strongest methods for driving consistent digital traffic. Producing high quality content optimized for long tail keywords drives your site towards the 1st page of search results. Long form content is here to stay too. Cranking out relevant articles and blog posts is a method that won’t be black listed and consigned to the growing list of crimes against SEO when the next algorithm update rolls around. 



Thought leaders produce consistent, high quality, content that leave readers feeling educated and empowered. Customers return to sources of valuable information like this over and over, and it’s these customers who make the best brand ambassadors. Build trust and shorten your sales cycle by offering up value building blog posts and articles on your owned media channels. 

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Blog posts and articles are an excellent, low cost way to collect qualified leads. Content upgrades like .pdf downloads, audio versions of articles, and infographics entice readers to exchange contact information for valuable “freemium” content. When you need a tempting lead magnet, select an “upgraded” article. Choose from an audio version of the post, a .pdf download, a shareable infographic, or a 5 day email course to pack your posts with the best content in your niche. 

Simply select your article upgrades while placing your order. 


Ordering blog posts and articles is simple. Click “Schedule an Article” to place an order. Fill out the form to submit a request and you’ll get a confirmation from me once the project has been accepted. Once you receive your content, you may publish it under your or your company’s name. If the article requires images or illustrations, they will be done in your brand colors unless otherwise requested. 

Your completed article gets delivered to you with:

  • Publish ready article content

  • Recommended style guide

  • All supporting image files in .png format with transparent backgrounds

  • Recommended call to action 

  • All purchased content upgrades as unique files

Looking for consistent content or a package of posts? Click “Schedule an Article ” and select “inquire” from the drop down menu at the top of the form.

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1 Article
1,500 Words
SEO Optimized
1 Week Write Time


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5 Articles Per Month
1,500 Words/Article
SEO Optimized
Articles Delivered Weekly


She is brilliant, her communication skills are excellent, and she is fantastic to work with. I can warmly recommend her.
— Nina T., Digital Media Expert and Owned Media Consultant
I love her passion for what she does... Even though we are continents apart it didn’t make any difference. I am excited to work with her on future projects.
— Naz Kahdem, CEO Shimmering Willion