Whip Your Blog Into Shape With Trello


One of the first things I learned as a mommy entrepreneur, was a loud and insistent lesson from my infant son. That lesson in productivity has literally been my founding principle, the thing I work on, think about, optimize, and contrive, since the day I brought him home from the hospital.

Every business owner knows that there are never enough hours in the day, and unless you’re a robot willing to work tirelessly at every waking moment, you’re going to need to master a productivity rhythm.

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How To Identify Your Ideal Customers


The types of client you work with, ultimately define your business. In more ways than one, clients can set you up for success or doom you and your projects to failure. Every client you take on is like beginning a brand new relationship.

An affair with the right person can turn into a rose colored romance for years. A tryst with the wrong person leads to a complicated, difficult, and hurtful experience you will be trying to forget for a very, very long time. Clients work in just the same way.

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How To Choose An Incredible Name For Your Business


If you follow me on social you probably know that my son is bilingual. German daddy, American mommy. Before he was born, we spent hours and HOURS fighting over names.

The name we would give our baby boy had to work in both languages, had to be pronounceable by all of our relatives, it had to fit our combined personalities, be original, and not carry with it any weird cultural suggestions.

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9 Ways To Overcome Blogger Burnout


As a mom, the term “burnout” has taken on a totally new meaning. Turns out I can go for months without a decent night sleep and still be totally (sort of) functional. Who knew?

Eventually, “totally” functional turns into “not so functional” and I need to change something up to recharge.

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4 Mistakes Not To Make On Facebook


Social media is awesome for business. I KNOW this isn’t first time you’re hearing this. It’s so awesome for business because it lets you take a little peak into the lives of your “would be” customers and adapt to become more useful, more valuable, and more sought after by those same people.

The secret sauce on social media is different for everyone. Every business is a little different, every tribe is a little different, every one of us boss ladies are a little different. As social media grows, each platform is evolving into something more flexible to better accommodate that diversity. Facebook especially, has become a really dynamic resource for creative entrepreneurs.

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3 Misunderstood Metrics You Should Be Watching


Let’s rewind back to the year I graduated from college. At the time I had visions of myself and my marketing degree sitting at a desk in a corner office, sun streaming through the windows as I pitched exciting campaign ideas to a group of interns. Can you picture that? I’m thinking like a mix between Super Man and Heidi Klum.

In reality, things were distinctly less glamorous. I took a seat in some shared office space and was asked to analyze inbound traffic to campaign landing pages for behavior patterns. Sounds like a blast right? I know you think I’m being sarcastic, but it was actually completely amazing. Those 2 months were the most valuable of my entire career.

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How To Proofread For Better Posts


In college I had an English professor who, I am still convinced, was definitely an alien. I’ve always really enjoyed writing, and English had always been one of my favorite subjects….until I got to this man’s class. He was old, grouchy, tremendously sexist, and exhaustingly negative (Ick).

The class was miserable, attendance was mandatory, and the whole thing was about as close to torture as I’ve ever been. However, I did learn something. This old professor was a stickler for formal writing, perfect grammar, and had no tolerance for “sloppy language”.

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Using Pinterest To Create A Beautiful Brand Style


There are two major differences between the huge, international brands worth billions of dollars and small businesses. But the differences aren’t what you might think. All the money and resources in the world won’t rocket you to success unless you have the drive to get there.

I’ve worked with some really exciting clients that people all over the world recognize, and I’ve worked with plenty of startups and small businesses. I’ve even worked with a few brand new non-profits. What I’ve found is that big or small, companies look to the web and ask the same questions. “How do I get more sales?” “How do I engage with more people?” “How do I put more of me into this thing?”.

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