How To Book More Clients And Skyrocket Your Traffic Part 2

How to book new clients and skyrocket your traffic part 2

Every blogger, no matter how big or small their tribe, is looking to build on their sales and their web traffic. It’s the nature of blogging, and the challenge that drives us. This 3 part series is all about simple changes you can make to your blog or business, that will help you book new clients and increase your traffic.

Last week we covered some tactics for grabbing your reader’s attention and attracting people to your site. This week we are going to talk about sales. If you’re struggling to find the right clients and you feel like you’re working your butt off on social media to attract visitors, but nobody is buying, this section is for you.

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How Often Should You Be Posting To Your Blog?


We talk about it here on the blog all the time. Consistency is the rock solid foundation of traffic. If you’re trying to build your readership you’ve got to choose a couple of days a week to start posting on and stick to it. Its as simple as that.

A lot of businesses owners and bloggers, when they’re just getting started, really struggle with how often they should be pushing out content to their site. Everybody is constantly talking about how critical content is, it’s not surprising that this subject becomes a hang up for people.

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Do You Really Need A Niche?

Do you really need a niche? Find out what a niche does for your blog as a business.

If you’re starting a new blog or re-working an existing one, settling on a topic is hard. Like really hard. This is a major commitment we’re talking about here! You’re going to invest hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours producing content for this thing. Your niche has got to kick ass.

This is your full on, no nonsense guide to finding a niche and building your business on a subject that you love and one that will start making you money.

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How To Book More Clients & Skyrocket Your Traffic

how to book clients and skyrocket your traffic

Branding is not your logo. Sure, it includes your logo, but in reality, “branding” is the personality, the style, and the human element behind your business that helps you book clients.

Great branding gets you customers, not because your business “looks pretty”, but because your message and your reputation make people actually want to work with you.

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A Lesson In Productivity


For me, balancing my role as a mom and my commitments as a business owner have been the toughest part of becoming a #mompreneur.

It took me almost 2 years to figure out a routine that gets my house cleaned, my work done, and my kid happy. To this day I am STILL tweaking, changing, and updating that routine.

I will admit, my laundry sometimes goes undone, and emails occasional go out late. But I’m happier than I ever have been, and I know I’m improving the balance every single day.

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Is Your Giveaway Making Your Marketing Harder?


I’ve seen a lot online lately about giveaways and how incredible they can be for driving traffic to your site. Supposedly they can be a quick and easy way to jumpstart a mailing list and hook you up with some new leads.

This can be true, but I want to tell you a story that illustrates some of the downsides of giveaways that bloggers don’t seem to be talking about.

Promotions like these aren’t as quick and easy as it seems, and ignoring the realities can set you back way further than you might expect.

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5 Tips For Pitching Brands

5 Tips for Pitching Brands

Obviously, I’m a huge advocate for pairing bloggers with big brand marketing campaigns. Over the last 5 years, during my time with one of the biggest digital media agencies in the world, I encouraged every single one of my clients (literally every. Single. One.) to spend their money on blogger hosted projects.

Usually, brands and marketing managers bought into the idea right away but just having the green light on these projects didn’t mean we would actually ever see them come to fruition. We never, ever, ever, ever, had enough bloggers to meet all the demand for partnerships. The companies I worked with almost always had a bigger budget for these projects than we were able to spend.

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Finding The Balance Between Work & Kids


To all the women out there who have taken calls while a little one pulls your hair, who have wiped smoothie off the floor while writing an email, who balance sales and sippy cups, who have dragged themselves out of a nice warm bed before the kids are awake to hustle for a client: I see you.

I have a message for you. You are incredible.

You are giving your children so much more than a roof over their heads. You are giving them a mom who loves herself, who believes in herself. You are giving them a role model. You are showing them that no matter what the circumstance, a person always has the option to chase their dreams. You are proving to them that hard work pays off. You are teaching them that self discipline, focus, and perseverance can build great things. You are learning everyday. Learning about people, the world, successes and adversity, and all of that, every lesson, gives you one more thing you can pass on to your child.

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Perfect Your Process + A 6 Month Trello Gold Giveaway!

Perfect Your Process With Trello Plus A Giveaway!

Last week I published a post on using Trello to organize and manage your blog. It got such great feedback from you guys that I wanted to share a little more about my blog set up to help answer a few of the questions that arose several times. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end!

Check out Whip Your Blog Into Shape using Trello for the full post.

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10 Boss Things To Do When You Don’t Want To Do Anything At All


As a mom and a business owner, I rarely have down time. From the moment my son gets up in the morning to the moment I go to bed (usually well after midnight), it feels like every second of my day is packed with something to do.

Occasionally, I’ll have a minute when I look at my “to-do” list and just want to close my eyes and pretend it’s not there.

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