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5 Tips For Pitching Brands

Obviously, I’m a huge advocate for pairing bloggers with big brand marketing campaigns. Over the last 5 years, during my time with one of the biggest digital media agencies in the world, I encouraged every single one of my clients (literally every. Single. One.) to spend their money on blogger hosted projects. Usually, brands and… Read more »

How To Identify Your Ideal Customers

The types of client you work with, ultimately define your business. In more ways than one, clients can set you up for success or doom you and your projects to failure. Every client you take on is like beginning a brand new relationship. An affair with the right person can turn into a rose colored… Read more »

How To Choose An Incredible Name For Your Business

If you follow me on social you probably know that my son is bilingual. German daddy, American mommy. Before he was born, we spent hours and HOURS fighting over names. The name we would give our baby boy had to work in both languages, had to be pronounceable by all of our relatives, it had… Read more »