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Do You Really Need A Niche?

If you’re starting a new blog or re-working an existing one, settling on a topic is hard. Like really hard. This is a major commitment we’re talking about here! You’re going to invest hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours producing content for this thing. Your niche has got to kick ass. This is your full… Read more »

How To Book More Clients & Skyrocket Your Traffic

Branding is not your logo. Sure, it includes your logo, but in reality, “branding” is the personality, the style, and the human element behind your business that helps you book clients. Great branding gets you customers, not because your business “looks pretty”, but because your message and your reputation make people actually want to work… Read more »

Is Your Giveaway Making Your Marketing Harder?

I’ve seen a lot online lately about giveaways and how incredible they can be for driving traffic to your site. Supposedly they can be a quick and easy way to jumpstart a mailing list and hook you up with some new leads. This can be true, but I want to tell you a story that… Read more »

Perfect Your Process + A 6 Month Trello Gold Giveaway!

Last week I published a post on using Trello to organize and manage your blog. It got such great feedback from you guys that I wanted to share a little more about my blog set up to help answer a few of the questions that arose several times. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at… Read more »

Whip Your Blog Into Shape With Trello

One of the first things I learned as a mommy entrepreneur, was a loud and insistent lesson from my infant son. That lesson in productivity has literally been my founding principle, the thing I work on, think about, optimize, and contrive, since the day I brought him home from the hospital. Every business owner knows… Read more »

9 Ways To Overcome Blogger Burnout

As a mom, the term “burnout” has taken on a totally new meaning. Turns out I can go for months without a decent night sleep and still be totally (sort of) functional. Who knew? Eventually, “totally” functional turns into “not so functional” and I need to change something up to recharge.

3 Misunderstood Metrics You Should Be Watching

Let’s rewind back to the year I graduated from college. At the time I had visions of myself and my marketing degree sitting at a desk in a corner office, sun streaming through the windows as I pitched exciting campaign ideas to a group of interns. Can you picture that? I’m thinking like a mix… Read more »

How To Proofread For Better Posts

In college I had an English professor who, I am still convinced, was definitely an alien. I’ve always really enjoyed writing, and English had always been one of my favorite subjects….until I got to this man’s class. He was old, grouchy, tremendously sexist, and exhaustingly negative (Ick). The class was miserable, attendance was mandatory, and… Read more »

Using Pinterest To Create A Beautiful Brand Style

There are two major differences between the huge, international brands worth billions of dollars and small businesses. But the differences aren’t what you might think. All the money and resources in the world won’t rocket you to success unless you have the drive to get there. I’ve worked with some really exciting clients that people… Read more »