Nice to meet you

Every blogger needs a tribe. A totally custom audience you can grow alongside, rely on for feedback, and convert into raving customers that can't stop talking about your stuff. A deliberate plan for building your traffic, will guarantee you the consistently growing sales you're looking for, and more time to be a kick ass mom.

My name is Olivia Derby and, after almost 10 years working as a professional social media strategist, I can promise you that tribes don't show up by accident.
Olivia Rose Derby Olivia Rose Derby

Build a brand on your personality

A beautiful, consistent, customized, brand is the core of your crazy successful plan to grow your tribe and collect tons of sales. I will show you exactly how to create a seamless experience and build an audience that radiates your style and grows your business for you.

For years I've worked with clients all around the world to build and sustain brands on the web. I’ve found hundreds of strategies for growth that attract the right followers and turn readers into customers for brands of every size. It doesn't matter where you are, what you sell, or how long you’ve been hustling, your business can kill it if you've got the right plan in place.

It's different for us

A little over 2 years ago I realized the secret to on-freaking-point productivity. It's called parenting. Every mom out there who is mastering the nap time work day (obviously, you rock. Duh.) knows that as #mompreneurs your time is your most valuable asset. You shouldn't have to waste a second of it trying to figure out complicated strategies for growth.

Spend your time on the stuff you love (and with the people you love), not trying to figure out when to publish what. You're going to just know you've got it right because your numbers keep climbing. Your tribe is there, all you've got to do now is bring them together.
Olivia Rose Derby

The courage to do your own thing

It takes a ton of courage to step out from a day job, from your identity as a mother, from the expectations you've had for yourself over a lifetime. Whether you're just getting started or you’re already managing an empire, you deserve a big gold star (and a high five and a nap) because the freedom, the independence, and the love don't come easy.

I started out working for a digital marketing agency in NYC and had a career path carved out in the ad Capitol of the world. I worked with brands like Google, Victoria’s Secret, Audi, and Apple and I loved every minute of it. A few years later, right in the middle of my corporate climb, a baby, an international move, and a new job took my plans and shot them to the bottom of the Atlantic. I took on a remote role as a social media strategist for a DC based agency so I could still work from Berlin, but immediately my career took a new direction.

For a long time I struggled with the fear that I wasn't living up to the goals I had set in my earlier days, and found myself stifled by the standard “mommy” label.

Fast forward a couple of years, 26 countries, and lot of sleepless nights later, I'm no longer flatlined by the mom label and I'm proud to tell people what I “do”. I now call Sweden home, and get to be a bad ass mom, on my own schedule, to my incredible 2 year old.
Olivia Rose Derby Olivia Rose Derby

Let’s do good stuff

Being a mom means you're quick, resourceful, and disciplined. It means you’ve earned a doctorate in multitasking and can cram a full day of work into the two hours that make up nap time. It means that you can go for days without sleep, take all the doubt and frustration the universe throws at you, accept the unexpected that comes with every turn, and still get up and make it happen every day. It means you're a bitchin’ business woman.

So kick that sippy cup out yo way and let's do this.

Check out The Resource Library and my traffic building ecourse “Find Your Tribe” for a jump start on success.